Welcome to Adulting 101!

Welcome class to Adulting 101!

My name is Chelsea and I will be your instructor for the remainder of this blog. Now you may ask “Chelsea, what makes you qualified to teach this course?” Excellent question.

Let me tell you, I moved out of my parents house when I was 18 and moved clear across the country by myself for college. Here’s the thing, before I moved I had never had a job, never paid a single bill in my life, never managed money or finances or a budget in any sense, never learned how to do laundry, never learned how to cook, didn’t understand a thing about proper nutrition, didn’t have a car, I never even had chores or an allowance, my mom wouldn’t even let me take the bus or anything so I didn’t even know how that worked. I guess you can say I was more than a little sheltered as a child.

I made probably more than my fair share of mistakes in the beginning, dying all my white clothes pink, shrinking a lot of things in the dryer, making the grand assumption that I actually could live off ramen noodles alone because supposedly that is how all college students do it. And I’ve had my fair share of crappy jobs just to pay the bills because at the time I wasn’t qualified for anything else. First tip, get a job in high school, not only is the spending money nice but it will help to build that work experience for the future, being 19 and never having a job does NOT look good to any possible employer.

I should add that now-a-days I have been titled the queen of adulting by my fiance, though admittedly he is probably biased. I am extremely good at budgeting and managing my finances, I haven’t shrunk or accidentally dyed any clothing in years, my cooking skills are exceptional, and I’m pretty good at, pardon my language, getting my shit together. It takes a lot of mistakes and hard work to be that person who looks like they’ve got everything handled, even more to actually be that person but I’m going to show you all the tips, tricks, and hacks that I’ve learned over the years.

In conclusion, lets end this like a real fictional essay, I’ve made many silly, stupid, hilarious mistakes and lucky for you guys because I’m sharing all of them right here for your entertainment, and also to hopefully help anyone out if they are anything like I was and not really sure how to do anything that young adults are magically supposed to know once they leave home even though no one actually taught it to us.

I hope you stick around. Thanks for reading.  -C


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